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Occupations, Earnings,
and Wages


Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) in Wyoming

NEW: Statewide, Regional, County, and MSA Data (estimates for Wyoming wages for May 2018 data updated to the March 2019 ECI Employment Cost Index).

See note about wage updating used to calculate estimates.

Wyoming Wage Survey

Occupational staffing levels and wage rates for other states and the nation can be found HERE.

Licensed Occupations

Directory of Licensed Occupations in Wyoming 2017

The Directory of Licensed Occupations in Wyoming 2017, compiled by the Research & Planning (R&P) section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, provides detailed information about license requirements and related information for the 98 occupations required to have a license by the state of Wyoming.

Published September 2017.


Private Sector and State Government Employment and Wages in Wyoming, May 2015

Published December 7, 2016.


Wyoming Benefits Survey 2015


Wyoming Benefits Survey 2015 (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Published October 2016.

Labor Shortages

Construction Labor Shortages in Wyoming and the Nation

Construction Labor Shortages in Wyoming and the Nation

Published December 2014.

Licensed Occupations

A Guide to Licensed Occupations
in Wyoming, Spring 2014



In Wyoming, 98 occupations require licenses, certificates, or other registration. This publication includes detailed information on each of these occupations, such as wages, job descriptions, requirements, schools located in Wyoming, licensing fees, and more.

Education Costs

Monitoring School District Human Resource Cost Pressures Fall 2013


Published October 2013.

  • PDF
  • Appendix A: Teacher Supply in Wyoming: The Professional Teaching Standards Board and School District Recruitment Needs
  • Appendix B: School District Exit: Teacher Wage Progression and Assignment Status by Age and Gender

Job Growth

Health Care and Retail Sales Top Occupational Employment in Wyoming by Industry

Article in August 2013 Wyoming Labor Force Trends

Wage Disparity

Wyoming Wages by County, Industry, Age, & Gender, 2000-2012

Wyoming Wages by County, Industry, Age, & Gender, 1992-2011

Earnings by Age, Gender & Industry 1992 to 2009

Wyoming Mean Earnings by Age, Gender, County of Employment, and County of Residence, 2000 and 2006

Earnings by Age, Gender & Industry, 1994-2007

A Study of the Disparity in Wages and Benefits Between Men and Women in Wyoming (2003). Anne M. Alexander, Catherine R. Connolly, Martin M. Greller, and John H. Jackson. University of Wyoming.

Excerpt from executive summary:

This research was conducted during late 2002 and early 2003, in response to the Legislature’s request to study wage disparity between men and women in Wyoming.

Women earn less on average than men: globally, nationally, regionally, and in Wyoming. Wyoming’s gap in wages between the genders is the highest in the region, in part because Wyoming men make more than the regional average and Wyoming women make less.


Wyoming Career Explorer 2011


Published March 2011

PDF (3.6MB)


  • Chart a Smart Start
  • Careers in Wind Energy
  • Who's Hiring in Wyoming?
  • Tapping Into New Sources
  • Peering Into the Future
  • Networking
  • Set Your Sights High
  • Do You Know Your Rights?
  • Wyoming Labor Laws and You
  • Ace Your Interview
  • Easy Answers to Tough Questions
  • Interview Do's & Don'ts
  • Strategies to Gain Experience
  • Energy Project Manager
  • Career Menu
  • New Technology Means New Skills
  • A Teachable Moment
  • To College or Not to College?
  • More Options
  • Picture-Perfect Résumés
  • Reverse Chronological Résumé
  • Functional Résumé
  • Electronic Résumé

2008 Wage and Benefits Study
OES_2008 (12K)

2006 Wage and Benefits Study
2006 Wage and Benefits Study

Wages and Benefits in Wyoming (2006) is now available in print and online in pdf format.

Historical Surveys

Wage Surveys:

Wages By Occupation

Wages by Occupation-Lookup Tool for State & National Estimates (BLS website)


Wyoming Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)



Employee Benefits

Historical Surveys

Wyoming's Gender Wage Gap:
A Study of the Disparity in Wages Between Men and Women in Wyoming:
Update 2018

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