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1999 Wyoming Wage Survey

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Section I ----- Purpose

Section II -----Introduction

Section III ----Method of Collection

Section IV ----Estimation Methodology

Section V------Geographic Coverage of Estimates

Section VI-----Reliability of Estimates

Section VII ----Wage Survey Definitions

Section VIII----Table 1: Wyoming Statewide Wages

Section IX -----Table 2: Wages for Casper (MSA)

Section X-------Table 3: Wages for Cheyenne (MSA)

Section XI----- Table 4: Wages for the Balance of State

Section XII---- Table 5: Wyoming Statewide Wages by Occupational Title

Section XIII     Table 6: Wages for Northwest Region

Section XIV     Table 7: Wages for Southwest Region

Section XV      Table 8: Wages for Northeast Region

Section XVI     Table 9: Wages for Central-Southeast Region


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