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Turnover Data, 1992Q1-2016Q1

Wyoming Turnover Report, 1992Q1 to 2016Q2

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Published March 30, 2017.

Previous Turnover Reports

Wyoming Turnover Report, 1992Q1 to 2016Q1

Natrona County Turnover Report, 1992Q1 to 2016Q1

County Level Turnover Data

Research & Planning has the ability to produce county-level turnover data.

Tell us which county’s turnover tables you would like to see published next. Send an email to and tell us:

  • Which county would you like to see published and why?

  • How will you use the data?

  • What industry do you work in, and is turnover an issue?

Turnover statistics are published quarterly in Wyoming Labor Force Trends. Turnover data for selected counties will be published based on readers’ responses.

Publications and Articles

Selected Recent Publications and Articles on Turnover in Wyoming

    From Wyoming Labor Force Trends, December 2015:

  • Evidence from the New Hires Survey: Education and Opportunity in Wyoming’s Labor Market

    The purpose of this article is to explain how New Hires Job Skills Survey data can be used to identify trends in Wyoming’s labor market by understanding employers’ hiring practices: which types of jobs are filled, how much employers pay, benefits they offer, skills employers are seeking, and employers’ reported satisfaction with the skills of new hires.

    From Wyoming Labor Force Trends, May 2015:

  • Youth Transitions: Life Events and Labor Market Behavior

    This article focuses on the population of young adults in Wyoming tracked over time by linking a range of relevant databases together around the concept of key choices that labor market entrants must make in the context of persistent social norms and changing economic events. This article is part of a larger observation of young people’s interaction with the labor market by R&P, including the decreasing numbers of youth obtaining a driver’s license (Moore, 2014) and the out-migration of youth from Wyoming (Glover, 2012).

  • Wyoming Community College Market Pay Study (published January 2015)

    The report focuses on wages earned by those working in community colleges in Wyoming, the history of compensation in Wyoming and the region, and labor market trends driving demand in the educational services industry.

    From Wyoming Labor Force Trends, September 2014:

  • The Decline in Teen Drivers: What it May Mean for Wyoming

    For several decades, obtaining a driver’s license represented a milestone in the lives of youths ages 15-19. It was a goal towards which youths worked, which was rewarded with “freedom, independence, adventure, and responsibility” (Virginia DMV, n.d.). But that is changing among today’s youths, nationally and in Wyoming. Obtaining a driver’s license may no longer be a priority for many youths, and this trend has ramifications for employers, educators, business owners, and the general public, now and in the future.

    From Wyoming Labor Force Trends, July 2014:

  • Training for What? Using New Hires Survey Data to Identify Training Opportunities

    Wyoming employers are constantly hiring new workers, regardless of the overall state of the economy. Even as Wyoming’s recovery from the economic downturn slowed in 2013, continuous hire and exit activity were ongoing; this is referred to as turnover. This article presents two ways in which readers can use data collected through the New Hires Survey.

    From Wyoming Labor Force Trends, November 2013:

  • What Do Wyoming Employers Want? Evidence from the New Hires Survey

    The results highlighted in this article are intended to provide a general overview of the positions that are most often filled by new hires in Wyoming. Many of these jobs tend to have lower wages, fewer benefits, and higher rates of turnover.

    From Wyoming Labor Force Trends, June 2011:

  • Training for What? Part 2 - New Hires and Occupational Projections in Wyoming's Manufacturing Industry

    When used together, hire rate and turnover provide information that can be beneficial to those looking for jobs and the employers and educators that offer training. Educators and employers may want to consider whether it is in their best interests to train potential employees for an occupation with a high rate of turnover. Jobseekers may want to evaluate whether they should enter a job with a high rate of turnover.

Trends Quarterly Turnover Articles

Quarterly Turnover Articles from Wyoming Labor Force Trends

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