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Wyoming Secondary and Postsecondary Education Outcomes

Most Recent Data
    Postsecondary Outcomes
  • Wyoming Postsecondary Graduates by College, Degree Type, CIP Code, Area, and Single Year of Graduation, 2007/08 to 2014/15 (Click Here)

Published July 14, 2017.

Previously Published Data and Articles

Consumer Reports: Wyoming Career Assist

  • Introduction to Wyoming Career Assist: Employment, Earnings, and Hours Worked Five Years Before and Five Years After Graduation by Programs of Study (HTML)
  • Comparing Workforce Outcomes of Dental Support and Nursing Graduates (HTML)
  • After Energy: One-Year Certificate Programs Outside of the Energy Industry with High Earnings (HTML)

Tables published June 9, 2017.



  • Wyoming’s Hathaway Scholarship Program: A Workforce Outcomes Evaluation of a State Merit-Based Scholarship Initiative Using Administrative Records (HTML)
  • Occasional Paper No. 8: The Education and Work Experience of Youth in Wyoming’s Counties (PDF)
  • WE Connect: Employment, Earnings, and Postsecondary Enrollment of Wyoming High School Students
    • Part 1: Wyoming High School Students’ Earnings and Postsecondary Enrollment (PDF)
    • Part 2: Opportunity Cost of Pursuing a Postsecondary Education in Wyoming (PDF)
    • Part 3: Graduation and Work Experience for Students with Special Needs (PDF)
    • Part 4: Turnover Rate and Labor Market Outcomes for Wyoming High School Students (PDF)
    • Part 5: Wyoming High School Students’ Postsecondary Enrollment and Awards (PDF)
  • Workforce Data Quality Initiative Report No. 1 for Wyoming: School Attendance and Employment, 2006 to 2013 (PDF)
    • Appendix A: Region-Level Data (PDF)
    • Appendix B: County-Level Data (PDF)

  • Wyoming’s Hathaway Scholarship Program and Workforce Outcomes

    Presented to the Wyoming Joint Education Interim Committee by Tom Gallagher, Manager, and Tony Glover, Workforce Information Supervisor, Casper, Wyo., June 13, 2016. (Power Point)

  • Building Understanding by Connecting Data Across Programs Over Time: Workforce Data Quality Initiative

    Prepared by Social Policy Research Associates, November 2015. (Video)

  • Administrative Records as Strategic Assets Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages Data Matching

    Presented By Tom Gallagher to the Association for University Business and Economic Research Fall Conference, October 2015. (Power Point | PDF)

  • Research Methods & Longitudinal Data

    Presented by Patrick Harris, Research & Planning. PowerPoint files, updated December 2014.

    1. Introduction (50 MB)
    2. Variables & Measurement (46 MB)
    3. Hypothesis Testing and Research Design (70 MB)
    4. Statistics (17 MB)
    5. Data Systems and Time Series Designs (45 MB)

    To hear the audio portion of these presentations, view them in Slide Show mode.

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Links to Other Resources

Interactive Graphics: Employment Outcomes for University of Wyoming Graduates

Interactive Graphics: Employment Outcomes for Wyoming Community College Graduates

South Dakota Postsecondary Graduate Employment and Wage Outcomes

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Wyoming's Gender Wage Gap:
A Study of the Disparity in Wages Between Men and Women in Wyoming:
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