Wyoming Labor Force Trends

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Research & Planning
Vol. 51 No. 3 — ©March 2014


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Evaluating the Wyoming Unemployment Insurance System and Comparing it with the U.S. Average and Neighboring States

Wyoming Average Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates and Taxable Wage Base, 1999 - 2012

Wyoming’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) system has functioned well, especially during the Great Recession, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, achieving the goals of maintaining solvency across the business cycle, providing dependable UI benefits, and distributing cost sharing fairly among all industries. The UI Trust Fund stayed solvent. Wyoming paid the second highest average weekly UI benefit amount to unemployed workers and had the highest wage replacement rate (45.3%) when compared to neighboring states in 2009, the worst year of the recession in Wyoming. UI costs to employers were ranked middle to high compared with other states, but were more evenly and proportionally shared among low paying and high paying industries.  

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Wyoming Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.3% in January 2014

Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rate

The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell from 4.4% in December to 4.3% in January. Wyoming’s unemployment rate has been trending downward for the past four years, and remains significantly lower than the current U.S. unemployment rate of 6.6%. Seasonally adjusted employment of Wyoming residents rose, increasing by 1,961 individuals (0.7%) from December to January.  

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