Local Jobs and Payroll in Wyoming in First Quarter 2014: Oil & Gas Jobs Come Back and Overall Job Growth Accelerates

Personal Income for the U.S., Wyoming, and Selected Counties, 2012

Total unemployment insurance (UI) covered payroll increased by $97.3 million (3.2%) in first quarter 2014. Employment rose by 3,062 jobs (1.1%) and average weekly wage increased by $18 (2.1%). In first quarter, employment grew faster than its five year average (1.1% compared to 0.1%), total wages grew faster than their five-year average (3.2% compared to 2.6%), but average weekly wage grew just slower than its five-year average (2.1% compared to 2.4%). After losing jobs for six consecutive quarters, the mining sector (including oil & gas) gained 366 jobs (1.4%) in first quarter.

Despite the recent growth, overall employment remained approximately 2,250 jobs (0.1%) below its first quarter 2008 level. In short, the state has yet to make up all the job losses of 2009 and 2010.

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A Closer Look: Ambulatory Health Care Services in Natrona County

by: Carol Toups, Senior Statistician

NAICS Codes and Titles in Natrona County

This article compares the changes in the number of businesses, average number of employees, total quarterly payroll, and the average monthly wage for one area of Natrona County’s health care industry, Ambulatory Health Care Services, from second quarter 2005 (2005Q2) to second quarter 2013 (2013Q2).

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Persons Working in Jobs Covered by Wyoming State Unemployment Insurance, Second Quarter 2014

by: Tony Glover, Workforce Information Supervisor

Wage Records Quarterly Update

The mean quarterly wage for persons working one job in Wyoming increased from $10,424 in second quarter 2013 (2013Q2) to $10,833 in second quarter 2014 (2014Q2), an increase of 3.9%. Mean quarterly wages also increased from previous year levels for all others holding two or more jobs. The number of persons working more than one job increased slightly over the year.

Wyoming Unemployment Rate at 4.6% in August 2014

U.S. and Wyoming Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rate

Wyoming’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose from 4.4% in July 2014 to 4.6% in August (not a statistically significant change). Wyoming’s unemployment rate was unchanged from its August 2013 level, but significantly lower than the current U.S. unemployment rate of 6.1%.

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Economic Indicators

The number of discouraged workers in the U.S. fell by 10.5% from August 2013 to August 2014.

Wyoming County Unemployment Rates

Most county unemployment rates followed their normal seasonal pattern and fell slightly from July to August.

Wyoming Normalized Unemployment Insurance Statistics: Initial Claims

Initial claims decreased over the year (-29.8%) with large decreases in other services, except public administration (-72.7%), and trade, transportation, & utilities (-47.3%).

Wyoming Normalized Unemployment Insurance Statistics: Continued Claims

Continued weeks claimed decreased over the year (-28.1%). Financial activities experienced the only increase (21.4) over the year.

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