Wyoming Benefits Survey 2012



Survey Response Rates, Methodology, and Analysis Procedures

Table 2

Of the 2,729 employers who received a questionnaire, 2,031 (74.4%) completed and returned them (see Table 2). There were 86 employers (3.2%) who refused to participate, 48 (1.8%) who were temporarily closed, 74 (2.7%) who were permanently out of business, 41 (1.5%) with insufficient address information, and 115 (4.2%) who reported zero employees during the survey reference period. Refusals, employers who were out of business, had no employees, or could not be contacted were removed from the initial number of questionnaires sent out because no valid data could be obtained. This left a net total of 2,365 usable questionnaires and an overall net usable response rate of 85.9% (completed questionnaires/net usable questionnaires). During the four quarters of 2011, the net usable response rate ranged from a low of 84.4% in the fourth quarter to a high of 88.6% in the second quarter.

The complete methodology and analysis procedures are detailed in the Appendix.

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