Prepared for The NIOSH Mountain and Plains Education and Research Center (MAP ERC)

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The following paper details the Workers’ Compensation pilot study undertaken by Research & Planning on behalf of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The objective of the pilot study was to provide a better understanding of the demographics of claimants in addition to developing a methodology for control group analysis. Pilot study results indicated a consistent pattern in earnings loss for claimants, particularly in the construction and mining industries. The earnings of medical claimants compared to non-claimants were statistically different. The same result occurred when comparing the post-injury earnings of medical only claimants to more severely injured workers. The results further indicate increased risk of claims-filing for workers in those two industries relative to the general worker population. The focus of future research will be on the costs to workers and to the economy of claimed injuries and those occupations at greatest risk for the most costly injuries.