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After Energy: One-Year Certificate Programs Outside of the Energy Industry with High Earnings

Updated September 14, 2017



From the June 2017 issue of Wyoming Labor Force Trends.

The purpose of this article is to give adults
who are considering applying to a Wyoming community college for a one-year certificate program a realistic concept of their potential earnings outside direct employment in the oil
& gas industry.

Appendix Tables

  • Appendix Table 1: Number of 2006-
    2016 Graduates from One-Year Certificate Programs from Wyoming Community Colleges who Earned Wages Outside Direct Employment in the Oil & Gas Industry (NAICS 21)
  • Appendix Table 2: Wyoming Quarterly Turnover Rate by Industry, 2016Q4
  • Appendix Table 3: Industry Demographics, Wages, and Number of Employers for Individuals Working in Wyoming at Any Time by Industry, 2015
  • Appendix Table 4: Related Community College Programs



Tables and Figures

Outcomes by College, Degree Type, CIP Code, Area of Employment, and Year of Graduation

Updated July 14, 2017

Outcomes by Gender
Updated June 9, 2017

Previously Published Tables and Figures