May 2011

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Departure of Workers Creates Significant Job Openings

While Wyoming is projected to add a net 34,438 jobs from 2009 to 2019, the most significant source of employment opportunities in the state will come from the need to replace current workers.

The need to replace current workers is created by permanent exits from Wyoming's labor force. A permanent exit is defined as a person who was employed in Wyoming's labor market for the four quarters prior to the reference date, but is not employed in the subsequent three quarters. These exits are attributed to relocation, withdrawal from the market to care for a family member, retirements, or death.

The types of projected annual job openings are illustrated in the Figure. For example, in 2019, 3,444 jobs will be added in Wyoming via projected neta4g1 growth. However, an estimated 30,132 job openings are expected to occur due to permanent exits, including 7,424 openings due to retirement. While the openings created from projected net growth will add jobs to the labor force, openings created by the need to replace current workers will not affect overall employment growth.

Although long-term projections indicate where jobs will be added, some of these jobs may be filled through internal hiring. Forthcoming articles in Wyoming Labor Force Trends will examine at what point new hires are entering Wyoming's labor market, and provide a more detailed description of employment opportunities due to replacement need.

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