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The Research & Planning (R&P) section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services recently released the Wyoming Community College Market Pay Study, after a request from Wyoming’s community college presidents. The report focuses on wages earned by those working in community colleges in Wyoming, the history of compensation in Wyoming and the region, and labor market trends driving demand in the educational services industry. Key findings of the report include:

The report also makes recommendations for further research, including responding to gaps in the data, many of which can be addressed through implementing a standardized approach to data collection. Research & Planning will meet later this month with human resources directors from Wyoming’s community colleges to discuss the implementation of standardized data collection and the possibilities for further market pay analysis.

The complete Wyoming Community College Market Pay Study can be found at http://doe.state.wy.us/LMI/education_costs/community_college_pay_study.pdf.

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Table: Distribution of Employment in Post Secondary Education for Wyoming and Border States, 2012/13
State Colleges
N Row % N Row % N
Colorado 11,187 19.7 45,473 80.3 56,660
Idaho 2,209 14.5 13,062 85.5 15,271
Montana 1,594 14.0 9,813 86.0 11,407
Nebraska 6,033 21.2 22,429 78.8 28,462
South Dakota 860 9.4 8,275 90.6 9,134
Utah 5,165 13.6 32,939 86.4 38,104
Wyoming 3,374 47.4 3,744 52.6 7,118
Wyoming QCEWa 3,370 46.6 3,856 53.4 7,226
Source: Occupational Employment Statistics Aggregation for 2013.
aSource: Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) Average for November 2012 and May 2013.





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