From Higher Wages and More Work: Impact Evaluation of a State-Funded Incumbent Worker Training Program


WDTF participants refers to the group of individuals who received training or assistance through the Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund.

2007Q2 WDTF training cohort refers to 579 WDTF participants in second quarter 2007 (2007Q2).

Control group refers to individuals who did not receive WDTF training but had similar characteristics as WDTF participants, such as gender, age, quarters worked in the period prior to training, and quarterly mean wages in the period prior to training.

Base period refers to the quarter of training (2007Q2) and the three previous quarters (2006Q3, 2006Q4, and 2007Q1).

Post-training period refers to the 12 quarters after the WDTF participants received training; in this example, 2007Q3 to 2010Q2.

The mean quarterly wage difference for WDTF participants and the control group was calculated by subtracting the mean quarterly wage of the base period from the mean quarterly wage of the post-training period.

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January 2016, Vol. 53 No. 1

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