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Wyoming Intercounty Commuting Flows and Average Wages, 2006Q1 to 2008Q4

Wyoming Worker Commuting Patterns

Presented November 20, 2009, to the Wyoming Workforce Development Council


Laramie County and Colorado Worker Commuting Pattern Analysis

Presented to the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization June 30, 2008

14 Pages. (145KB PDF)

The Road to Work (2008)

Statewide & County Inflow Figures and Tables by State of Origin, 2001Q1 to 2005Q4






Statewide Tables

Interstate Commuting Inflow (23 County Tables & Statewide Table - PDF)

Intercounty Commuting Flows (Inflow and Outflow Tables for 23 Counties - PDF)

Intercounty Commuting Average Wages (Inflow and Outflow Tables for 23 Counties - PDF)

Intracounty Flows and Wages (1 Flow Table and 1 Wage Table - PDF)


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