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Vol. 46 No. 4

Wyoming Labor Force Trends Credits

Wyoming Labor Force Trends is a monthly publication of the Wyoming Department of Employment, Gary W. Child, Director.

Research & Planning, P.O. Box 2760, Casper, WY 82602-2760
Tom Gallagher, Manager, (307) 473-3801
Tony Glover, Workforce Information Supervisor, (307) 473-3826
Carola Cowan, BLS Program Supervisor, (307) 473-3804
Phil Ellsworth, Editor, (307) 473-3818
Kathleen Brooker, Associate Editor, (307) 473-3808

Editorial Committee: David Bullard, Valerie A. Davis, and Phil Ellsworth.

Contributors to Wyoming Labor Force Trends this month: Nancy Brennan, David Bullard, Carola Cowan, Margaret Hiatt, Sylvia D. Jones, and Douglas W. Leonard.

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© Copyright 2009 by the Wyoming Department of Employment, Research & Planning

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