Compass Outlook 2000: Joint Economic & Demographic Forecast to 2008

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Projections: 1996 - 2006

Tables and Figures


I. Results in Brief
A. National Forecast Compared to Wyoming
B. Relationship Between the National Economy and Wyoming's Economy
C. Gross Domestic Product and Gross State Product

II. Labor Demand and Job Growth
A. Agriculture
B. Mining
C. Construction and Real Estate
D. Finance and Insurance
E. Manufacturing
F. Transportation, Communications, & Public Utilities
G. Wholesale Trade
H. Retail Trade
I.   Services
J. Total Government
K. Local Education
L. Wages and Income

III. Labor Supply
A. Population
B. Labor Force
C. Number of Employed Persons in Wyoming
D. Unemployment

IV. Conclusion


Appendix A: Derivation of Gross State Product (GSP)
Appendix B: Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes
Appendix C: Methodology

Tables and Figures


Table 1:   Gross State Product
Table 2:   Total Nonagricultural Wage & Salary Employment by Industry
Table 3:   Occupational Growth in the Agriculture Sector
Table 4:   Occupational Growth in the Mining Sector
Table 5:   Occupational Growth in the Construction
Table 6:   Occupational Growth in the Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate Sector
Table 7:   Occupational Growth in the Manufacturing Sector
Table 8:   Occupational Growth in the Transportation, Communications, & Public Utilities Sector
Table 9:   Occupational Growth in the Wholesale Trade Sector
Table 10: Occupational Growth in the Retail Trade Sector
Table 11: Occupational Growth in the Services Sector
Table 12: Total Government Nonagricultural Wage & Salary Employment
Table 13: Occupational Growth in the Government Sector
Table 14: Personal Income and Industry Earnings
Table 15: Average Annual Wages, in Nominal Dollars, by Major Industry
Table 16: Labor Force and Unemployment
Table 17: Population and Demographics
Table 18: 1998 Average Annual Unemployment Rate by Industry for Wyoming


Figure 1: Total Nonagricultural Wage & Salary Employment
Figure 2: Gross State Product
Figure 3: Total Employment Shares by Sector
Figure 4: Total Wyoming and Construction Employment
Figure 5: Federal Expenditures and Federal Employment in Wyoming
Figure 6: Total Personal Income
Figure 7: Population by Age
Figure 8: Total Population

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