Section II: Wage Record Summary Statistics 92/1-98/4

Two weeks after each quarter is complete, the previous quarter is downloaded along with an update to the preceding five quarters. For instance, the first quarter of 1999 was downloaded on July 15, 1999, along with updates to the fourth quarter of 1997 through the fourth quarter 1998. After each quarterly download is completed, a report is compiled that contains summary statistics. This report (UI Wage Record Summary Statistics Report) contains updates from the current download. The remainder of this section is an example of such a report.

Based on the numbers for the fourth quarters of 1997 and 1998, Wyoming experienced a decrease in jobs and SSN's over the year. The number of jobs decreased by 0.84 percent and the SSN's decreased by 0.28 percent [see page 13]. These decreases reflect an actual loss in jobs and SSN's, not just a slow down in the percent increase in jobs and SSN's. Third quarter 1998 showed a 0.41 percent increase in jobs and a 0.78 percent increase in SSN's over third quarter 1997. The fourth quarter percent increase in total wages is down over third quarter, with third quarter 1998 increasing by 5.94 percent over third quarter 1997 and fourth quarter 1998 increasing by 3.68 percent over fourth quarter 1997. The preliminary data for the first quarter in 1998 and 1999 are not reliable at this point because several large employers did not submit their 1999 first quarter information in the correct format, so it was not processed.

The following is a brief explanation of the terms used in the report:

YY/QTR- year and quarter.

TTL JOBS - total number of jobs (records) downloaded from the mainframe file.

TTL SSN'S - total number of unique SSN's found in this quarter.

ONE JOB - those SSN's who only had only one job in this quarter.

TWO JOBS - those SSN's who had only two jobs in this quarter.

THREE JOBS- those SSN's who had only three jobs in this quarter.

FOUR JOBS OR MORE - those SSN'S who had four or more jobs in this quarter.

TTL BY JOBS- sum of all jobs. Used for checking data entry.

COUNT - the count of SSN's by total and by jobs.

% OF TTL SSN'S- the row percent of the count of SSN's under the count column.

TOTAL WAGES - the sum of all wages for each category listed under the job rows.

% OF TTL - row percent of the total wages.

MEAN WAGES PER QTR - average wages per quarter for each category of jobs. Calculated by dividing the total wages by the count of SSN's.

# OF JOBS PER SSN - number of jobs per SSN. Calculated by taking the total number of jobs divided by the total number of SSN's.

TTL UNIQUE SSN'S TO DATE - a running total of unique SSN's to date. For example, from 92/1 to 94/2 there are 356,189 unique SSN's.

NEW SSN'S THIS QTR - the total of unique SSN's not found on any other previous quarter to date.

92 PARTICIPATION - The number of people who worked in 1992 and also worked in any successive quarter.

% INCREASE PYQ - The percent increase over the previous year/quarter (97/1-98/1).

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