Wyoming Occupational Employment and Wages September 2019
Natrona County
Estimated employment20
Mean wage$110,857
10th percentile wage$73,330
25th percentile wage$85,266
50th percentile wage$112,772
75th percentile wage$134,770
90th percentile wage$150,844
Box and Whisker for Commercial Pilots in Natrona County
Commercial Pilots (53-2012)
Pilot and navigate the flight of small fixed or rotary winged aircraft, primarily for the transport of cargo and passengers. Requires Commercial Rating. Include aircraft instructors with similar certification.
Top Areas For This Occupation
Best Pay
  Median Wage Employ- ment
Natrona County $112,772 20
Highest Employment
  Median Wage Employ- ment
Natrona County $112,772 20
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