SOC Code 51-8031  

Entry Salary
Average Salary

Job Description
There are two levels of Drinking Water Distribution & Sewage Collection System Operators and four levels of Drinking Water and Wastewater (Sewage) Treatment Plant Operators. Duties include maintenance and operation of drinking water treatment and domestic wastewater (sewage) treatment plants, drinking water distribution and sewage collection facilities, lab tests, process control, and maintenance of plant/facility records. The level of license required is determined by the complexity of the plant/facility operated.  

Level I :
1. Have at least 35 education units/contact hours.
2. At least 6 months experience.
Level II :
1. Have at least 70 education units/contact hours.
2. At least 1 year experience.
Level III :
1. Have at least 300 education units/contact hours.
2. At least 2 years experience, 1 year must be at a class II or higher level plant.
Level IV :
1. Have at least 400 education units/contact hours.
2. At least 3 years experience, 2 years must be at a class III or higher level plant.

Small Consecutive Distribution License:
1. Have at least 6 months of experience.
2. Have at least 14 education units/contact hours.  

All Levels must :
1. Apply for and pass an examination.
2. Meet continuing education requirements every 3 years.
3. Pass drug and alcohol testing in compliance with DOT guidelines.
4. Demonstrate high school equivalency.  

Each hiring agency or department has specific restrictions.  

Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection Plant Operators must possess either a Level 1 or 2 license given by the Department of Environmental Quality. Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators must possess Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 licenses issued by the Department of Environmental Quality.  

The exams are given twice a year in May and September at various locations by the Department of Environmental Quality.  Dates and locations are listed on our website.  


Licensing Agency
Kim Parker
Operator Certification Program Administrator
Wyoming Water Quality Division
Herschler Building, 4 West
122 West 25th Street
Cheyenne WY 82002
Ph. 307-777-6128 
Fax 307-777-6779
E-mail  kparke@state.wy.us

Training Located in Wyoming  
Training opportunities consist of on-site and classroom classes, conferences, and correspondence courses held at various times and locations throughout the state. Please consult the training calendar and training opportunities page on our website for further information.   

Additional Sources of Information
Occupational Outlook Handbook:
"Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators"

DEQ/WQD Chapter 5 Regulations  

*Last Updated May 2008

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