SOC Code: 29-1081

Entry Salary
Average Salary

Job Description
Podiatrists diagnose diseases and disorders of the feet. They perform surgery and fit corrective devices to treat diseases and disorders. They also prescribe drugs, physical therapy, and proper shoes as treatment.

1.  Must be at least 21 years of age.
2.  Graduate from a four-year approved School of Podiatry.
3.  Pass the oral and written State examinations.
4.  Pass the National Board examination.
5.  Pass the PMLexis examination with a passing grade in all sections, as well as passing the cut score on the entire exam.

Conviction of a felony.
Habitual use of alcohol or drugs.
Incompetence or professional misconduct.
Fraud in obtaining a license.
Issuing drugs or alcohol.

School Located in Wyoming
There are no approved Podiatry Schools in Wyoming.

Podiatrists must be licensed by the State Board of Podiatry to work in Wyoming.

Oral state examinations are given during June in a Wyoming location determined by the Board.
Application $500.00
Annual Renewal $400.00

Licensing Agency
Nanette M. Brown
Board of Registration in Podiatry
1800 Carey Avenue, 4th Floor
Cheyenne, Wyoming  82002
Phone: (307) 777-3507

Licensing Authority
W.S. 33-9-101 through 33-9-114.

Additional Sources of Information
American Association of Foot Specialists
P.O. Box 546110
Union, New Jersey  07083

American Society of Podiatric Medicine
c/o Irving H. Block, D.P.M.
One Lincoln Road Building, Suite 308
Miami Beach, Florida  33139

American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine
Executive Boulevard, Suite 204
Rockville, Maryland  20852

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Wages Last Updated June 2008

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