Aircraft Pilots, Commercial

SOC Code: 53-2012

Entry Salary
Average Salary

Job Description
Pilots fly aircraft for compensation carrying passengers and/or cargo.

1.  Must be at least 18 to be a commercial pilot and at least 21 to be a flight engineer.
2.  Meet required flight hours. Then application is made to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
3.  Pass written exam & flight test for either license.
4.  Must have a 2nd class airman medical certificate.

Some restrictions may apply to the type of aircraft being flown.
Medical conditions may impose certain limitations.

School Located in Wyoming
Pilot applicants should check with their local airport fixed base operator to determine if a flight instructor is available for training. There are no schools located in Wyoming to receive flight engineer ratings.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) administers the commercial pilot license with appropriate ratings and the flight engineer certificate with appropriate ratings.

The exam is provided as the appropriate training is completed. For more information contact the Wyoming Department of Transportation, Aeronautics Division.

Renewal fee for airman medical certificate. 
No examination fees if given by the government, there are fees if administered by a designated examiner.

Licensing Agency
FAA Northwest Mountain Region
1601 Lind Avenue, S.W.
Renton, Washington  98055-4056
Phone: (206) 227-2540

For Aerial Spraying and Hunting:
Wyoming Department of Agriculture
2219 Carey Avenue
Cheyenne, Wyoming  82002

Additional Sources of Information
Wyoming Department of Transportation
Aeronautics Division
P.O. Box 1708
Cheyenne, Wyoming  82003-1708
Phone: (307) 777-4880

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
421 Aviation Way
Frederick, Maryland  21701
Phone: (301) 695-2000
Fax: (301) 695-2375

Occupational Outlook Handbook:
"Aircraft Pilots"

Wages Last Updated June 2008

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