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The science of geology deals with the earth, the earth’s processes and history, investigation of the earth’s crust and the rocks and other materials which compose it. A geologist performs geological services or work such as consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning, inspection of geological work, and post-graduate teaching at the university or college level.

1.  Bachelor’s Degree, in Geology or other four year academic program, from an accredited institution of higher education with at least 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours of course work in geology.
2.  Must pass the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG) Fundamentals of Geology (FG) and Practice of Geology (PG) examinations or other examinations deemed by the Board as comparable; or have held a "grandfather license" from another jurisdiction for a minimum of 5 years.
3.  Four years of acceptable experience prior to applying for a license.

Any geologist practicing before the public in Wyoming must be licensed. No one can use the title ‘Professional Geologist’ in Wyoming unless they are licensed.

School Located in Wyoming
University of Wyoming - Laramie 
     Department of Geology and Geophysics

The Professional Geologist (PG) license is granted by the Wyoming Board of Professional Geologists.

The FG and PG exams are given in March and October in Laramie.
Application $  50.00
FG Examination $150.00
PG Examination $200.00
Renewal $  50.00

Licensing Agency
Ms. Geri L. Allen, Executive Director
Wyoming Board of Professional Geologists
500 South Third Street
Laramie, Wyoming  82070-3628
Phone: (307) 742-1118
Fax: (307) 742-1120

Wyoming Geologists Practice Act [W.S. 33-41-101 through W.S. 33-41-121 and Senate Enrolled Act No. 73 (Chapter 170)] of 1991 (including amendments effective: February 27,1993 / July 1, 1995 / July 1, 1997) with Promulgated Rules and Regulations.

Additional Sources of Information

Occupational Outlook Handbook:
"Geologists and Geophysicists"

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