SOC Code: 29-1021

Entry Salary
Average Salary

Job Description
Dentists examine and treat patients' oral tissues and teeth to prevent and correct dental problems.

1.  Graduate from a dental school accredited by the American Dental Association.
2.  Pass the American Dental Association National Board Examination.
3.  Must have passed the Central Regional Testing Services or the Western Regional Examining Board examinations or the 1995 CORE exam (CRDTS, WREB, or NERB).
4.  Pass the State Board Jurisprudence Examination.

Qualifications fraudulently obtained.
Conviction of a felony.
Dishonest or illegal practice of dentistry, as deemed by the State Board.
Habitual addiction to drugs, including alcohol.
Malpractice or gross incompetence, as deemed by the State Board.

School Located in Wyoming
University of Wyoming - Laramie (Pre-Dentistry Program)

Wyoming residents are eligible to study out of state at in-state rates through the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) Program. For more information about WICHE contact:
        Nancy Smueles, WICHE Certifying Officer
        University of Wyoming Box 3432
        Laramie, Wyoming  82071
        Phone: (307) 766-6556

Dentists must be licensed by the State Board of Dental Examiners before practicing.

The State Board examinations are administered during the Spring (usually in June) and, when necessary, in January at various locations throughout the State.
Application $250.00
Licensure by Credentials $750.00 plus PBIS fee
Annual Renewal $175.00

Licensing Agency
Debra Bridges, Occupational Licensing Administrator
Board of Dental Examiners
1800 Carey Avenue, 4th Floor
Cheyenne, Wyoming  82002
Phone: (307) 777-6529

Additional Sources of Information
American Association of Dental Schools
1625 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC  20036

American Dental Association
Council on Dental Education
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois  60611

National Dental Association
5506 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 24
Washington, DC  20015

American Association of Women Dentists
211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 948
Chicago, Illinois  60611

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