Real Estate Brokers

SOC Code: 41-9021

Entry Salary
Average Salary

Job Description
A Real Estate Broker sells, exchanges, purchases, rents, manages, or leases real estate.

1.  Must be of legal age.
2.  Must have completed Broker Course I and II.
3.  Must have a degree in real estate or two years experience as a salesperson.
4.  Pass a written examination or meet total reciprocal agreement requirements.

School Located in Wyoming
There are several schools available throughout Wyoming. Contact the Wyoming Real Estate Commission for a complete listing.

Real Estate Brokers must be licensed by the Wyoming Real Estate Commission.

The examination is computerized and is administered by the Wyoming Real Estate Commission.
Original License $  75.00
Examination $  95.00
Renewal (Every Three Years) $170.00
Recovery Fund Fee (Every Three Years) $  20.00

All information on fees, applications, and other information available from: 

Licensing Agency
Wyoming Real Estate Commission
2020 Carey Avenue, Suite 100
Cheyenne, Wyoming  82002-0180
Phone: (307) 777-7141

Licensing Authority
W.S. 33-28-101 through 33-28-206.

Additional Sources of Information
The Commission's laws and regulations can be purchased for $5.00 through the Wyoming Real Estate Commission office or can be obtained from

Occupational Outlook Handbook:
"Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Appraisers"

Last Updated June 2008

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