Wyoming Unemployment Insurance
Wage Record Summary Statistics UPDATE

Data Provided by: Wayne Gosar

This month, Research & Planning has added new information to the quarterly update of wage record summary statistics: an item in the tables called "92 PARTICIPATION" which shows the number of SSN's who worked in 1992 and also worked in any successive quarters. In other words, by the end of 1992, there were 267,453 unique SSN's. These SSN's were matched against wage records in first quarter 1993 and each of following quarter. As the table shows, at the end of first quarter 1996, only 136,462 participated in the Wyoming labor force (51.0 percent of those who participated sometime during 1992). Research & Planning will continue to track "92 PARTICIPATION" and will focus on this new information in a future issue of Wyoming Labor Force TRENDS.

The tables show changes that have been made to the wage record database since the end of March (the end of the first quarter of 1996). See: "Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Wage Record Summary Statistics Update" in the May 1996 issue of TRENDS. Data for the fourth quarter of 1994 has just become finalized and the other quarters have also been adjusted. For a detailed explanation of wage records, see the May 1995 issue of TRENDS.

General Definition of Terms Used in the Wage Tables:

The following is a brief explanation of the terms used in the report: