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Wyoming Wage Records Summary Statistics Update

by:  Sylvia D. Jones, Statistical and Research Analyst

As the construction and summer tourist season ends, the total number of workers in Wyoming decreases during fourth and first quarters. This cyclical pattern is reflected in the number of Wage Records (see Figure). Based on the numbers for fourth quarter 2001, not only was there the expected seasonal decrease from third quarter but also an over-the-year decrease in total records (jobs) and in unique Social Security Numbers (SSNs) from fourth quarter 2000 (see Table). The total number of records decreased by 2.0 percent while the number of unique SSNs decreased by 0.8 percent. Third quarters 2000 and 2001 showed an increase in total records (1.0%) and in total SSNs (1.6%). Total wages rose by 9.9 percent in third quarter and 5.8 percent in fourth quarter. 

Preliminary data for first quarters 2001 and 2002 show losses in total records (3.4%) and unique SSNs (1.8%). Total wages are shown to decrease by 1.0 percent. These estimates are expected to increase after additional tax forms are processed.

General Definitions

Total Records - Total number of records received for this year and quarter in the latest wage record download.

Total SSNs - Total number of unique individuals found in this quarter.

One Job - Those individuals who had only one job in this quarter.

Two Jobs - Those individuals who had only two jobs in this quarter.

Three Jobs - Those individuals who had only three jobs in this quarter.

Four or More Jobs - Those individuals who had four or more jobs in this quarter.

Total Wages - The sum of all wages for each category listed under the job rows.

Percent of Total Wages - The percent of the total wages earned by each class of job holder.

Mean Wages Per Quarter - The average total wages per quarter for each category of job. Calculated by dividing the total wages by the count of individuals.

New SSNs This Quarter - The number of Social Security numbers (SSNs) appearing for the first time this quarter.

Total Unique SSNs to Date - A running total of unique individuals to date, beginning in 1992 (the date Wage Records became a statistical program).

Percent Change over Previous Year/Quarter - The percent change over the previous year and quarter (for example, the percent change from the first quarter of 2000 to the first quarter of 2001).

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