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Table 1:  Survey Responses for May 2000 Graduates of Casper College*
      January 12, 2001 Questionnaire Representing Six Months Following Graduation Quarter
  Appearance in Wage Records (Employed)**   Number of Employer Responses
Employment Status in UI Wage Records at Quarter of Graduation One Quarter Following Graduation
Two Quarters Following Graduation
Employment Status Total Valid Survey Responses Missing &  Invalid Survey Responses
Not Employed at Graduation 90   Employed 29 13
  Not Employed 48
Employed at Graduation 91   Employed 31 15
  Not Employed 45
* May include multiple responses for a single graduate or employer.
** In Wyoming Wage Records.
*** First quarter in which 2000Q2 data was available for employer, student, and Wage Records for matching SSNs.

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