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Employment Service Utilization for Individuals with Multiple Employers
by: Tony Glover, Senior Statistician

The current feature article series in Wyoming Labor Force Trends discusses the impact of labor and job turnover on Wyoming’s labor market. These articles separate the labor force into several distinct categories which define each employee’s interaction with the labor market. This article demonstrates the impact of working for multiple employers on the utilization of services provided by the Department of Employment (DOE). For the period 1992-97, our analysis reveals that the more employers a person had, the more likely they were to use at least one of the services provided by the DOE.

The Wage Record database from 1992 to 1997 (WR) was combined with the following three DOE services’ databases: Employment Services 1994 to 1998 (ES), Unemployment Insurance Claims 1992 to 1998 (UI) and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) to produce this brief report. This combined database allowed us to track the number of employers for each person and contacts with DOE services. The Figure presents the percentage of people utilizing the services by the number of employers for whom each person worked during the period 1992 to 1997. An individual was considered to have used the service if they appeared at least once during the period covered by the database.

A review of the Figure indicates a positive relationship between the number of employers an individual worked for and his/her likelihood of utilizing services provided by the Department of Employment. As mentioned in last month’s feature article, "Wyoming-Attached Workers: Living and Working in Wyoming," multiple job holders have developed skills and experience necessary to find new employment. Perhaps the skills developed are attributable to a knowledge of both the services available to attain employment (ES & VR) and those provided to assist the individual during times of unemployment (UI).

Further research in this area could reveal the relationships between the demographic characteristics of the individuals, multiple employers and the services utilized; the individual’s attachment to Wyoming’s labor market and interactions with services available; and the relationship of geographic area, multiple employers and service utilization. These are only a few of the possibilities that become available using linked database research.

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