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Table 4: Average Hourly Wage* Change Analysis for Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund Participants, Fiscal Years 1999 and 2000
  Total Trainees** One Quarter
One Quarter
Difference Percent
Assuming a 35-hour Week 712 $8.95 $9.96 $1.01 11.3
Assuming a 40-hour Week 712 $7.83 $8.71 $0.88 11.2
*The formula for calculating average hourly wages is the sum of total quarterly wages for all individuals divided by total quarterly hours worked. Total quarterly hours worked may increase or decrease depending upon the assumptions made about how many hours, on average, individuals work on a weekly basis. In this data set, we have no way of determining how many hours were actually worked by individuals in a week. Thus, we present average hourly wages calculated for both 35- and 40-hour work weeks. Total quarterly wages are used here, instead of wages from the training employer only, because skills gained from the training employer may lead to an increase in wages at other jobs.
**Based on the 712 Trainees who had Wyoming wages both one quarter before and one quarter after the quarter that training ended.


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