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Wyoming Covered Employment and Wages, First Quarter 2001 by North American Industry Classification System Codes (NAICS)

For an analysis of First Quarter 2001 data, see October 2001 issue of Wyoming Labor Force Trends.
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A. Wyoming Employing Units, Employment and Wages by Region and County
Table 1: Wyoming Covered Employment, Total Wages, and Average Weekly Wage, 2000 and 2001
Table 2: Wyoming Employing Units, Employment, and Wages
B. Wyoming Employing Units, Employment, and Wages by NAICS Sector
Table 7N: Statewide
Table 8N: Statewide
Table 44N: Northwest Region
Table 47N: Big Horn County
Table 50N: Fremont County
Table 53N: Hot Springs County
Table 56N: Park County
Table 59N: Washakie County
Table 62N: Northeast Region
Table 65N: Campbell County
Table 68N: Crook County
Table 71N: Johnson County
Table 74N: Sheridan County
Table 77N: Weston County
Table 80N: Southwest Region
Table 83N: Lincoln County
Table 86N: Sublette County
Table 89N: Sweetwater County
Table 92N: Teton County
Table 95N: Uinta County
Table 98N: Southeast Region
Table 101N: Albany County
Table 104N: Goshen County
Table 107N: Laramie County
Table 110N: Niobrara County
Table 113N: Platte County
Table 116N: Central Region
Table 119N: Carbon County
Table 122N: Converse County
Table 125N: Natrona County
Table 128N: Nonclassified County
C. Wyoming Employing Units, Employment, and Wages by NAICS Subsector
Table 10N: Statewide
Table 10NA: Statewide
D. Wyoming Private Employing Units, Employment, and Wages by NAICS Industry Group
Table 11N: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, & Hunting
Table 13N: Mining
Table 14N: Utilities
Table 15N: Construction
Table 16N: Manufacturing
Table 17N: Wholesale Trade
Table 18N: Retail Trade
Table 19N: Transportation & Warehousing
Table 20N: Information
Table 21N: Finance & Insurance
Table 22N: Real Estate & Rental & Leasing
Table 23N: Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
Table 24N: Management of Companies & Enterprises
Table 25N: Administrative & Support & Waste Management & Remediation Services
Table 26N: Educational Services
Table 27N: Health Care & Social Assistance
Table 28N: Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
Table 29N: Accommodation & Food Services
Table 30N: Other Services (except Public Administration)
Table 32N: State Government
Table 37N: Local Government
Table 42N: Federal Government
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2002 Short Titles
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