Wyoming's Highest Paying Jobs by Education Level

           Work Experience, Plus Bachelorís Degree or Higher

Engineering, math and natural sciences managers


Education administrators


Communications, trans. and utilities managers $27.64
General managers and top executives $27.04

Financial managers


Personnel, training and labor relations managers


Medicine and health services managers



First Professional Degree

Physicians, general practice










Veterinarians and veterinary inspectors




  Education Level Unknown

Health diagnosing and treating practitioners $36.05

Mining, quarrying and well drilling managers


Health diagnosing and treating practitioners


Safety engineers, except mining


Mining machine operators


Dragline operators


Estimators and drafters, utilities


Powerhouse, substation and relay electricians


Dragline operators $20.32
Mining machine operators $18.21


  Short-Term On-The-Job Training

Postal mail carriers


Industrial truck and tractor operators


Meter readers, utilities


Prod., planning and expediting clerks


Fallers and buckers




All other motor vehicle operators


Education pays...

           Unemployment rate in 1998  

       Median earnings in 1997                     

                  Professional degree
                  Masterís degree
Bachelorís degree

                 Associate degree
Some college, no degree
                High school graduate
< Less than a high school diploma
 Source:  U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics    Note:  This figure reflects national data.

Long-Term On-The-Job Training

Insurance adjusters, examiners and investigators


Mobile heavy equipment mechanics


Electrical power-line installers and repairers


Stationary engineers


Electro and biomedical equipment repairers




Precision instrument repairers


 Master's Degree

Physical therapists




Urban and regional planners


Speech pathologists and audiologists


Librarians, professional


Vocational and educational counselors


Curators, archivists and conservators


Associate Degree

Dental hygienists


Funeral directors and morticians


Registered nurses


Nuclear medicine technologists


Radiologic technologists


Respiratory therapists


Computer support specialists


          Post Secondary Vocational Training

Central office and PBX installers/repairers


Sales agents, real estate


Electronics repairers, commercial equip.


Station installers and repairers, telephone


Home entertainment equipment repairers


Stenographers and/or court reporters


Radio mechanics


2008 projected employment shows all educational categories will experience job growth

Associate degree
First professional degree
Post secondary vocational training
Experience plus bachelor's or higher
Bachelor's degree
Lon-term on-the-job training
Short-term on-the-job training
Doctoral degree
Master's degree
Experience on a related job
                     Source: Research & Planning, Wyoming Department of Employment.

          Work Experience in Related Job

Fire fighting and prevention supervisors


Police and detective supervisors


Teachers and instructors, vocational education


Postmasters and mail superintendents


Railroad conductors and yardmasters


Compliance officers and inspectors, except const.


Construction and building inspectors


Moderate-Term On-The-Job Training

Hoist and winch operators


Crushing and related machine operators


Crane and tower operators


Still and related machine operators


Operating engineers


Furnace, kiln, oven, drier, or kettle operators


Welfare eligibility workers and interviewers


Bachelor's Degree

Petroleum engineers




Chemical engineers


Industrial engineers, except safety


Physician's assistants


Mining engineers, including mine safety


Geologists, geophysicists and oceanographers


Doctoral Degree

Biological scientists



Training increases median weekly earnings of full-time workers at every educational level

Fewer than 12 years

High school graduate

1 to 3 years of college

College graduate


Source: U.S. Department of Commerce et al.  "21st Century Skills for 21st                Note: This figure reflects 1991 national data.
Century Jobs."  (15 June 1999).

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