Computer Technology:  The Flagship of Tomorrow's Careers

by:  Krista R. Shinkle

     It wasn’t that many years ago that the thought of a computer in every home and in every place of business seemed ridiculous, but today it is hard to find a place without computers or computer technology. Almost all industries are exploring the advantages of using technology to create better products, work faster, improve safety and increase business. As a result of this technological boom, employers are expressing an increasing need for personnel capable of using computers and operating computerized systems.

    As seen in the Table, computer-based occupations top the list of the fastest growing occupations in Wyoming. Progressive companies are in a frenzy to find people to develop and manage their ever-expanding computer networks. Occupations that work directly with computers are not the only ones owing their growth to computer technology. There is also going to be an employment increase for occupations utilizing computerized equipment. Seven of the top thirty fastest growing occupations are machine operators. Today’s factories and plants use computerized equipment to create standardized products more efficiently and employers are looking for employees with skills to operate the equipment successfully. Even equipment such as tractors, cranes, dozers and trucks used for hauling materials require knowledge of computerized systems to operate and calculate the amount of material moved or weight lifted.

    What do you see as the jobs of the future? If you are a fan of science fiction, you may think of occupations like transporter operator, shuttle pilot, space station designer, laser weapons manufacturer and alien language interpreter. While Wyoming’s fastest growing jobs of the future haven’t reached the level of science fiction, the majority of them use the latest technology to get the work done. From working directly with computers and computer programs to using computer operated equipment, tomorrow’s workers will need the skills and training to become experts in the technology that will move us into the 21st century.

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