Military Careers

H a steady paycheck H job training
H room and board
H medical coverage
H Montgomery GI Bill  for college tuition
If you’re not looking for a full-time commitment, join the Reserves or National Guard!

To find out more about joining the Armed Forces, contact
your high school guidance counselor or local recruiter.

Air Force
1-800-423-USAF, Casper 266-3821, Cheyenne 632-2344
You can call collect to both of these numbers from around Wyoming.

1-800-USA-NAVY, Casper 261-5236, Cheyenne 772-2311

Army and Army Reserve
1-800-USA-ARMY, Casper 577-5231, Cheyenne 637-8210
You can also call collect.

1-800-MARINES, Casper 234-3116, Cheyenne 772-2301

Army National Guard
1-800-GO GUARD

Coast Guard

Air National Guard
1-800-TO GO ANG

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