Your Skills Checklist

You probably have more than you think.


See how many skills you can check off. Use
the checked skills when filling out resumes, 
personal profiles and during job interviews. 
Make the skills you did not check a future goal.


A. Basic Skills - reading, writing, math, science, speaking
and listening.

I am able to:

___ Read, write, and solve math problems
___ Apply basic skills to new or unfamiliar situations
___ Follow directions

B. Thinking skills - the ability to learn, to reason, to think
creatively, to make decisions and to solve problems.

I am able to:

___ Think, work and act without continuous supervision
___ Think creatively
___ Identify and solve problems
___ Continually improve my skills

C. Personal Qualities - individual responsibility, self-esteem and self-management, honesty and ability to work with others.

I am able to:

___ Present a positive attitude toward work
___ Maintain a professional appearance
___ Accept new responsibilities
___ Be reliable and on time
___ Show pride in my accomplishments
___ Get along with others
___ Respect others
___ Be a self-starter

A. Resources - Workers of the future know how to use time, money, materials, space and staff efficiently.
I am able to:
___ Understand how a business works
___ Understand why businesses want to make money
___ Get my work done on time
___ Work quickly without making many mistakes
___ Organize my supplies and materials
B. Interpersonal skills - Good employees can work on teams, teach others, serve customers, lead, and work well with people from different cultures.

I am able to:
___ Give good suggestions when working in a group
___ Work well with others
___ Teach others
___ Be a leader
___ Talk about and fix problems
___ Help other people on my team
___ Work with people from different cultures
C. Information - They can gather and study data, learn from their information and share the information with others.  They can use computers to process information.

I am able to:
___ Find and study data
___ Type or use a mouse to enter data on a computer
___ Use different types of computer software to process information
___ Share information and explain what it means to others
___ Organize and maintain files
D. Technology - Effective workers can use technology to do their work.

I am able to:
___ Select the right equipment to do the job
___ Use technology to do specific tasks
___ Maintain and troubleshoot equipment
___ Adapt knowledge and skills to new technology
___ Come up with better ways of doing a job
___ Show curiosity about how things work

Source: Adapted from the Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) final 1992 report “Learning a Living.”

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