Wyoming Industry and Occupational Projections 1996 - 2006 has been designed to give an overview of where the Wyoming economy may be headed, based on past and present trends. This publication can aide in economic development planning, school guidance counseling, career planning, and business planning. The information has been formatted to be analyzed from both the industry and/or occupational perspective.

Wyoming Industry and Occupational Projections 1996 - 2006 includes articles from many of the Research & Planning staff. These are industry specific articles that were previously published in issues of Wyoming Labor Force Trends. The articles were designed to give readers of Wyoming Labor Force Trends specific information on industries and how each industry affects the Wyoming economy. This information is pertinent to formulating projections and understanding how various factors affect each industry.

The publication has been separated into sections to make the data easier to find. Section 1 is an overview of industry projections. It describes how the base year data was modeled to produce the projections, as well as a table giving the industry projections by two digit SIC code. This section also includes data for each county in the state including base year 1996 and projected year 1999 data. Section 2 covers the occupational projections for Wyoming. There are tables showing the Top 50 Projected Growth Occupations, as well as the Top 50 Projected Declining Occupations. There is also a listing of the occupational divisions. Section 3 is an article on Wyoming's Changing Economy. This article gives an overview of where Wyoming was in the 1980's and how the economy has changed as we have moved into the 1990's. Sections 4 - 13 (indicated by the colored tabs) are the major industry divisions. Each section gives analysis on the distribution of employment by two digit SIC code. There is also a table in each section giving the top fifteen employing occupations, their projected growth or decline in the industry, an entry level salary, and a skilled level salary. Industry articles previously published in Wyoming Labor Force Trends are presented for a more in-depth analysis of each industry. Section 14 is the Appendix containing occupational projections for Wyoming in three formats (alphabetical, numeric growth, and percent growth). Section 15 is a glossary of technical terms.

The Wyoming economy since the early 1990’s has grown steadily, but at a relatively slow rate. The current projections show this trend to continue for the next few years. We have produced long term projections to the year 2006 which takes into account this slow, but steady, growth. Projections to the year 2006 are being done on a national level by all states so that comparisons can be made between states and the nation as a whole.

There have been numerous individuals in the Research & Planning section who have aided in the publication of Wyoming Industry and Occupational Projections 1996 - 2006. We would like to thank all those who have assisted in this endeavor. We hope this publication will aide you in making informed labor market and economic decisions.

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