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Annual Covered Employment and Wages: 1997 Edition

Source: ES-202 Reports
Prepared: 09/03/98
Text by: Nancy Brennan

Wyoming’s 1997 average weekly wage (AWW) of $459 per week increased $19 (4.3%) from $440 in 1996. The 1995-96 AWW grew 2.3 percent ($10). Both Converse and Washakie Counties showed the greatest AWW growth (7.1%) over the 1996-97 period (see Table). Weston, Sublette and Big Horn Counties followed with 6.7 percent ($26), 6.1 percent ($24), and 5.9 percent ($24) growth, respectively. Hot Springs was the only county that showed an AWW loss over the 1996-97 time period (see Figure 1).

Five counties exceeded Wyoming’s 1997 average weekly wage of $459: Sweetwater, $610; Campbell, $585; Converse, $475; Lincoln, $467; and Natrona, $464 (see Figure 2).

The lowest average weekly wages by county occurred in Niobrara ($330), Goshen ($350), Hot Springs ($353), and Johnson ($356). Employment, total payroll, annual and average weekly wage data by region, county and industry are forthcoming in the Wyoming 1997 Annual Covered Employment and Wages.

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