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Table 3: Individuals Employed as Information Technology (IT) Staff During 1998 Who Were Multiple-Job Holders* by Industrial Sector: Counts are by Secondary Job  

  Count Percent of Total  
Total Multiple-Job Holders 25 10.4% **
Private Sector 12  
Government Sector 13  
No Secondary Employer 194 80.5% ***
More than One Job, but Did Not Meet R&P Definition of Multiple-Job Holder 22 9.1%  
Total 241 100.0%  

* See Appendix C of Wyoming Wage Records 1992-1998: A Baseline Study for a technical definition of six categories of labor attachment developed by Research & Planning, including Multiple-Job Holder.
** The Multiple-Job Holding rate for Government in 1998 was 14.9 percent (see page 64 of Wyoming Wage Records 1992-1998: A Baseline Study).
*** Of those working in Government, 22.6 percent worked more than one job during 1998 (see page 70 of Wyoming Wage Records 1992-1998: A Baseline Study, where 100%-77.4%=22.6%).

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