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The Figure has been changed from previous issues of Wyoming Labor Force Trends to include Current Population Survey (CPS) population. The sample for the household survey (CPS) is drawn from the civilian noninstitutional population age 16 and over. Thus, CPS population is an estimate, produced by the Census Bureau, of the civilian noninstitutional population age 16 and over. To produce the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) employment level, the employment to population ratio (derived from the household survey and LAUS regression model) is multiplied by the CPS population.

Growth in the CPS population has slowed during the period shown in the Figure. In 1995, CPS population increased by 5,000, but in 1997 it only increased by 1,000. The CPS population estimates are revised each year by the Census Bureau and these revisions are included in the benchmarked labor force estimates published in the spring.

Figure:  CES 
Employment and LAUS Employment

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