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Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Wage Record Summary Statistics Update

data by: Norman Baron

Wyoming Unemployment Insurance (UI) wage record summary statistics were first published in the May 1995 issue of Wyoming Labor Force Trends. They were last published in the November 1996 issue. These statistics will be reported once again on a regular basis. Since November 1996, a few changes have taken place in this summary report. The Pseudo Social Security Number’s (SSN's) were removed to their own file and are no longer reported in the wage record summary statistics. Pseudo SSN’s, as explained by Brett Judd in his November 1996 Trends article, "are used when an employer doesn’t report an employee’s social security number. Some of these Pseudo SSN’s (that start with 000) contain wages for more than one individual." Also, the percent increases in jobs, SSN’s and total wages over the previous year/quarter (PYQ) were added to help judge growth.

Based on the wage record summary statistics for the fourth quarter in 1996 and 1997, there was a slight increase in jobs worked (jobs) and the number of persons working them (SSN’s) over the year. The number of jobs increased by 1.9 percent and the SSN’s increased by 1.1 percent. This is similar to third quarter which had a 1.7 and 1.2 percent increase in jobs and SSN’s, respectively. The total wages were up over the third quarter, with fourth quarter increasing by 6.4 percent and third quarter increasing by 5.4 percent. The preliminary data for first quarter 1998 shows an increase in jobs (0.1%), SSN’s (0.2%) and total wages (4.1%) over first quarter 1997. See Table for details.

General Definition of Terms Used in the Wage Record Table: The following is a brief explanation of the terms used in this report:

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