September 2010

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O*NET Offers Career, Human Resources Tools

O*NET OnLine is an interactive occupational database for exploring occupations. Occupation titles are standardized to make it easier to look for jobs with different titles but similar tasks.

Career counselors can use this website to help individuals learn about careers, both for those new to the labor market and those looking to make a change. O*NET offers students tools for career exploration and self-assessments. For employers, O*NET provides guidance in writing job descriptions, which helps employees identify skills they need to advance in the workplace.

Among the tools offered are those for exploring careers. The O*NET Interest Profiler (http://www.onetcenter.org/IP.html?p=3) is designed as a career exploration tool that is available as software and a PDF file. The Interest Profiler helps explorers identify interests and the types of work to which those interests relate. This information helps searchers decide the types of jobs and careers to consider learning more about.

For more information about O*NET and how it can help you, go to http://www.onetcenter.org/overview.html.


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