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Wyoming Earnings by Age, Gender, Industry, and County for Persons Who Worked at Any Time During the Year

The wage gap between men and women in Wyoming narrowed from 2008 to 2009, due in large part to the loss of jobs among resident male workers.

From 2008 to 2009, the number of workers for whom demographic data is a2g1not available (nonresident workers) declined by 11,845 (-16.3%). The number of resident male workers decreased by 9,514 (-5.7%) while the number of resident female workers decreased by 5,528 (-3.9%) (see Figure 1).

The most significant changes in employment were seen in the construction (-11,040, or -20.8%) and natural resources & mining (-5,779, or -13.7%) industries, two industries which rely heavily on nonresident workers and resident male workers, respectively (see Figure 2). The number of nonresident workers in the a2g2construction industry declined from 20,964 in 2008 to 14,311 in 2009 (-31.7%). The number of resident male workers in the natural resources & mining industry decreased from 29,976 in 2008 to 26,595 in 2009 (-11.3%).

Wyoming women earned an average annual wage of $25,016 in 2009, up from $24,095 in 2008 (3.8%). Men in Wyoming earned an average annual wage of $40,839 in 2009, down from $42,289 in 2008 (-3.4%). In 2008, the average annual wage for women was 57.0% of male workers; in 2009, due largely to declining earnings for men, the ratio rose to 61.3%.
Men accounted for 44.7% of Wyoming's work force in 2009, while women made up 38.1%.

Among all industries in 2009, health care & social assistance had the largest wage disparity between men and women. Despite making up 74.83% of the work force in this industry, the average annual wage for women was 54.3% lower than the average wage for men. Men had an average annual wage of $64,333, while women had an annual wage of $29,370.

The average annual wage decreased in four industries from 2008 to 2009: natural resources & mining (-$862.50, or -1.6%), wholesale trade (-$86.10, or -0.2%), financial activities (-$2,084.65, or -5.5%), and other services (-$723.56, or -2.9%).

The Earnings in Wyoming by County, Industry, Age, & Gender, 1992-2009, are now available online.

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