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Table 1: Follow-up Project 2001 Completers Job Placement
  Total Completers Completers with Jobs Percent Job Placement
Technical Institute Graduates 1,659 1,540 92.8%
Public University Graduates 4,342 3,216 74.1%
Vocational Rehabilitation Clients 5,963 3,099 52.0%
GED Completers 1,540 854 55.5%
Job Corps Completers 195 111 56.9%
Secondary School Graduates 9,059 7,682 84.8%
1) Includes job placements for wage and salaried jobs only.
2) Includes only those graduates that could be accounted for.
3) Some program completers may not have a program goal of job placement (e.g., GED program completers, secondary school grads, university completers going on to graduate or professional
school). In addition, because of the nature of the training, some included as program completers will be in on-going training before seeking employment (e.g., Vocational Rehabilitation clients).
Source: SD Labor Market Information Center, SD Follow-up Project.

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