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Unemployment Insurance Covered Employment and Wages for Fourth Quarter 1996

Source: ES-202 Report
Run Date: May 1997
Prepared: 5/20/97 by Nancy Brennan
Text by: Gayle C. Edlin

Total payroll in fourth quarter 1996 was $1,298,293,406 (see Table 1). This was an increase of 5.2 percent from fourth quarter 1995, as well as an increase from the third quarter of 1996 (refer to the April 1997 issue of Trends). While payrolls in the fourth quarter of the year are traditionally high due to seasonal bonuses, etc, at least part of the increase in 1996 was due to pipeline construction. This is also reflected in the county data (see Table 2) as large percent increases in the total payrolls of the Northwest region in general (13.3%) and Hot Springs, Big Horn and Park Counties in particular (54.9%, 21.1% and 16.3%, respectively). These counties also experienced corresponding increases in their average weekly wages.

The Figure is a graphical representation of 1996 monthly employment (see Table 3) and 1995 monthly employment. Not only are regular seasonal highs and lows made clear in the Figure, but the general stagnation of Wyoming's economy is visible as well. Even in months with relatively large gaps between 1996 and 1995 data (for example, August and November), the actual differences are only about 3,000 workers (only about 1.5% of total employment). In addition, the data are frequently much closer (with the months of 1996 and 1995 differing by only about 1,500 workers on average).

Watch for the 1996 annual average data in an upcoming issue of Trends!

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