Glossary of Commonly Used Terms

Additional Initial Claim: The first initial Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim filed by an individual, in the same benefit year as the New Initial Claim, in a job loss subsequent to his or her first time job loss.

Application Received: Applications for employment received by the Employment Resources Division at Employment Resources Center (ERC) community offices.

Civilian Labor Force (CLF): The CLF is an estimate of all civilian non-institutionalized persons 16 years of age and over who are classified as employed or unemployed and seeking employment.

Consumer Price Index (CPI): The CPI is a national index measuring changes over time in price of a predetermined market basket of goods and services. Most goods and services are covered in the market basket, as well as sales and excise taxes. Used to compare changes in costs not relative costs of living between periods and regions.

Covered Employment and Earnings (ES-202): Covered employment and earnings refers to the count of employees and wages from all employers subject to state and federal unemployment insurance laws. Covered employment refers to jobs worked; a person may be covered by more than one employer.

Current Employment Statistics (CES)/Nonagricultural Wage and Salary Employment: The CES program produces estimates of jobs worked and hours and earnings in selected industries from a sample survey of establishments operating in Wyoming.

Current Population Survey (CPS): CPS is the monthly survey of households used to estimate the number of persons employed or unemployed (CLF) and to calculate the unemployment rate.

Employment Service (ES): ES refers to the Employment Resources Center community offices.

Individuals Placed: The count of the number of persons Employment Resources Centers placed in job openings.

Initial Claim: The first claim filed to request a determination of entitlement to and eligibility for unemployment compensation; includes New Initial Claims and Additional Initial Claims.

Labor Force: Sum of the number of employed and unemployed.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS): The LAUS program produces estimates of the number of employed and unemployed, and unemployment rates.

New Initial Claims: The first initial Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim filed by an individual during his or her benefit year.

Openings Received: The count of the number of job openings received by Employment Resources Centers.

Placement Transactions: A count of the number of times all individuals have been placed in all jobs.

Unemployment Insurance (UI): A government-operated temporary financial support program for individuals who lose their jobs and are looking for new employment.

Unemployment Rate: The proportion, expressed as a percentage, derived by dividing the number of unemployed persons by the civilian labor force.

Weeks Claimed/Continued Claims: Number of weeks that Unemployment Insurance benefits were claimed by unemployed workers.

Weeks Compensated: Weeks for which compensation was actually paid.

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