July 2009

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Employment, Payroll Snap
21-Year Growth Streak

Total unemployment insurance-covered wages in Wyoming decreased by 1.3% from first quarter 2008 to first quarter 2009, breaking a string of growth dating back to first quarter 1988.

Average monthly employment also declined over the year, by 1.1%, from 276,195 workers to 273,136. Average monthly wage declined slightly, from $3,377 to $3,371 (-0.2%) over the same period.

Just prior to the end of 21 consecutive years of growth, Wyoming’s total payroll in fourth quarter 2008 topped the $3 billion mark for the first time. And during third quarter 2008, employment in the state set an all-time high of 294,463 for September 2008, with an average monthly employment of 293,901.

The previous long stretch of growth in the state occurred from fourth quarter 1967 to second quarter 1982, or about 15 years. Wyoming’s economy went through comparatively brief economic contractions, or “bust” periods from third quarter 1982 to first quarter 1984 and from second quarter 1986 to fourth quarter 1987.


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