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Vol. 44 No. 6

Multiple Jobholder Tables by County Now Online

research by: Lisa Knapp, Research Analyst

Analysis of multiple jobholding can provide insight into a number of trends within a community or an economy. For example, previous research has shown that as wages increase, the number of multiple jobholders decreases. Additionally, multiple jobholders are often those in jobs that pay lower wages. Research & Planning has posted online figures showing the percentage of multiple jobholders for each of Wyoming’s 23 counties from first quarter 2003 (2003Q1) to fourth quarter 2005 (2005Q4).

Figure 1 shows the percentage of all continuous workers with two or more jobs by county in 2005Q4. Continuous workers are those who are employed by the same employer for at least three consecutive quarters. Campbell County had the lowest percentage of multiple jobholders (8.3%; see Figure 2), while Teton County had the highest percentage (17.4%; see Figure 3). The percentage of multiple jobholders in Laramie County was 9.8% (see Figure 4). Overall, the percent of multiple jobholders in Wyoming during 2005Q4 was 10.1%.

The complete list of county figures are available at http://doe.state.wy.us/LMI/mjh.htm or in hard copy by calling Research & Planning at 307-473-3807.

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