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1998 Wyoming Nonagricultural Wage and Salary Employment
data produced by: Gregg Detweiler, Senior Economist

Nonagricultural wage and salary employment data are presented each month in Wyoming Labor Force Trends. The Table shows preliminary benchmark data for 1998 for Wyoming Statewide and for Laramie and Natrona Counties. Please note that all numbers in the table are in thousands.

The preliminary benchmark shows that 1998 annual average total nonagricultural employment has increased from 1997 data for Wyoming statewide (up 1.5%), as well as for Laramie (up 1.4%) and Natrona Counties (up 2.0%). This marks the second consecutive year that Current Employment Statistics have shown an annual average employment level higher than the famous "Boom" that occurred in 1981. Nonagricultural employment in 1998 (227,800) is substantially higher than in 1981 (223,500).

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