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Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Initial and Continued Claims Monthly Averages (1987-1997)

by: Jesse Jacobs and Gayle C. Edlin

The figures were derived from Wyoming Unemployment Insurance (UI) Initial and Continued claims(1), and Wyoming Labor Force(1) data. Monthly data for each year from 1987 to 1997 were averaged to obtain the numbers that were used to produce the figures. This averaging eliminates the typical seasonal fluctuations in the data and makes it easier to perceive general trends.

We have observed a decreasing labor force within the last year (see Figure 3). The claims trend lines reveal more insight into the situation (see Figures 1 and 2). Initial and continued claims appear to follow a similar trend as the labor force.

Monthly average initial and continued claims for 1997 dropped 16 and 19 percent, respectively, while the 1997 labor force dropped two percent. Individual claimants and the labor force(2) are decreasing ... where are they going? It is possible that, since the labor force is not increasing (i.e., claimants are not entering the labor force), these individuals are leaving the state.

1 For definitions of terms, please refer to the "Glossary of Commonly Used Terms".

2 Please refer to "The Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) Benchmark: What Does it Tell Us?" for more information about the declining labor force.

Jesse Jacobs is a Statistician, specializing in Mass Layoff Statistics (MLS) with Research and Planning

Gayle C. Edlin is a Senior Statistician, specializing in Labor Market Information (LMI) with Research and Planning. She is also the Editor of Wyoming Labor Force Trends.

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