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Table 1: Most Common Two-Digit DOT Codes of Unfilled Job Orders Paying $8.00/hour or more for Program Year 1996

Two-Digit DOTFrequencyTitle of Occupational Division
86248Construction, Not Elsewhere Classified
85179Excavating, Grading, Paving and Related
90151Motor Freight
93100Extraction of Minerals
6292Mechanics & Machinery Repairers
8266Electrical Assembling, Installing & Repairing
1661Administrative Specializations
0751Medicine & Health
9251Packaging & Materials Handling
1849Managers & Officials, Not Elsewhere Classified
2148Computing & Account-Recording
8448Painting, Plastering, Waterproofing, Cementing & Related
3740Protective Service
8136Welders, Cutters & Related
8932Structural Work, Not Elsewhere Classified
9132Transportation, Not Elsewhere Classified
2030Stenography, Typing, Filing, & Related
649All Other, including no DOT Code assigned

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