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Table 1: Most Common Two-Digit DOT Codes of ERC Applicants for Program Year 1996

Two-Digit DOTFrequency%Title of Occupational DivisionExamples of Occupations within this Division
867,48110.1Construction, Not Elsewhere Classifiedcarpenter, plumber, roofer, construction worker
316,4808.7Food & Beverage Preparation & Servicewaiter/waitress, chef/cook, host/hostess
215,1807.0Computing & Account-Recordingbookkeeper, cashier, teller, payroll clerk
205,0306.8Stenography, Typing, Filing, & Relatedsecretary, typist, file clerk, stenographer
403,0874.2Plant Farmingfarmworker, farm machine operator, lawn-service worker, park worker
163,0174.1Administrative Specializationsadministrative assistant, office manager, PR representative, accountant
302,6503.6Domestic Serviceyardworker, housekeeper, homemaker, cook
222,2493.0Production & Stock Clerks & Relatedproduction clerk, stock clerk, shipping clerk
182,1192.9Managers & Officials, Not Elsewhere Classifiedreal estate agent, food service manager, department manager
851,9222.6Excavating, Grading, Paving and Relatedoperating engineer, grader operator, paving machine operator
291,8192.5Miscellaneous Salescustomer service clerk, sales clerk, sales route
921,8142.4Packaging & Materials Handlinghand packager, crane operator, front-end loader operator
901,8012.4Motor Freightheavy truck driver, tractor-trailer truck driver, light truck driver
621,7922.4Mechanics & Machinery Repairersauto mechanic, diesel mechanic, aircraft mechanic
931,6562.2Extraction of Mineralsdrilling-machine operator, production supervisor, loading machine operator
351,5792.1Miscellaneous Personal Serviceorderly, day care worker, hunting and fishing guide
411,5702.1Animal Farminglivestock rancher, horseshoer, horse trainer
911,3911.9Transportation, Not Elsewhere Classifiedservice station attendant, railroad worker, bus driver, taxi driver
321,3611.8Lodging & Related Servicecleaner, housekeeper, bellhop
811,2651.7Welders, Cutters & Relatedwelder helper, arc welder, gas welder
271,2041.6Sales, Commodities, Not Elsewhere Classifiedsalesperson, sales representative
371,1511.6Protective Servicesecurity guard, fish and game warden, police officer
091,0691.4Educationelementary school teacher, secondary teacher, teacher aide
829631.3Electrical Assembling, Installing & Repairingelectrician, cable splicer, cable installer
079431.3Medicine & Healthphysician assistant, registered nurse, medical technologist
009391.3Architecture, Engineering & Surveyingelectrical engineer, architect, mechanical engineer
388731.2Building & Related Servicecommercial cleaner, janitor, window washer
238481.1Information & Message Distributionreceptionist, ticket agent, customer service representative
808141.1Metal Fabricating, Not Elsewhere Classifiedauto body repairer, sheet metal worker, metal building assembler
847961.1Painting, Plastering, Waterproofing, Cementing & Relateddrywall applicator, painter, cement mason
All Other 9,20312.4

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