Comparison of the Industries of Crook, Hot Springs, Lincoln, Niobrara and Platte Counties

by: Gayle C. Edlin
Data Provided by: Nancy Brennan

Continuing the county analysis which began in the February issue of TRENDS, data from the ES-202 (Covered Employment and Wages) for third quarter 1995 produced the following Figures for Wyoming (Statewide) and the selected counties (Crook, Hot Springs, Lincoln, Niobrara and Platte).

Each Figure includes twelve major industries, and the percent of covered employment in each industry for the state or county appears next to the industry name. The bold numbers indicate the actual number of covered workers in the top four industries (by employment) for the state or county for third quarter 1995.


The four largest industries statewide are again Services, Retail Trade, Local Government and Mining. Local Government decreased from 16.6 percent in second quarter 1995 to 13.3 percent in third quarter 1995 while Retail Trade increased slightly from 20.5 percent to 21.6 percent. Agriculture, Transportation & Public Utilities, Wholesale Trade and Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate remained steady.


Niobrara County's largest two industries by far are Local Government and Retail Trade (31.2% and 25.3% of the covered workers, respectively). Due to the concentration of covered employment in these industries, there are noticeably lower percentages of workers in Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation & Public Utilities and Wholesale Trade in Niobrara County.


The Services industry is predominant in Hot Springs County (31.9% of the covered employment). Local Government also makes up a larger proportion of the county's covered workforce (17.4%) than statewide (13.3%). Retail Trade is proportionately smaller (16.1% in the county and 21.6% statewide) despite being the third largest industry in Hot Springs County.


Crook County's covered workforce is less dependent on the Services (9.0% compared to 22.7%) and Retail Trade (17.2% versus 21.6%) industries than the statewide workforce. In fact, the fourth largest industry by covered employment in Crook County is Manufacturing (13.8%), while statewide, Manufacturing accounts for only 4.5% of covered workers.


Lincoln County's four largest industries by covered employment are Retail Trade, Local Government, Mining and Services. While Services is the fourth largest industry in the county, it accounts for only 10.7 percent of the covered labor force compared to 22.7 percent statewide. Manufacturing makes up nearly double the state proportion in Lincoln County (8.2% versus 4.5%).


Platte County's four largest industries by covered employment are fairly evenly distributed: Retail Trade (21.5%), Local Government (19.4%), Transportation & Public Utilities (18.6%) and Services (14.7%). Mining makes up approximately one-sixth of the percentage of the covered workforce in Platte County (1.3%) than it does statewide (7.9%).

Crook, Hot Springs, Lincoln, Niobrara and Platte Counties all have comparatively small covered workforces. This fact probably accounts for the larger proportion of covered workers employed by Local Government in each featured county than statewide, since each county requires certain basic services that are provided by Local Government, such as education, health services and fire departments or districts.

These Figures were generated from the ES-202 (Covered Employment and Wages) data for third quarter 1995. The complete data set will be published in the April issue of TRENDS. However, the complete data set for second quarter 1995 (used to produce the Figures in the February issue of TRENDS) is now available.

Gayle C. Edlin is a Senior Statistician with Research & Planning and is Editor of TRENDS.

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